Transactional Payments Solutions

Better for disbursers, better for recipients

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Across the globe, technology has accelerated the growth and speed of transactional payments for corporate and financial organizations. In this ecosystem, managing cash flow, risk, security, and compliance are essential.

At Meta, we have earned the confidence of our partners by providing safe and efficient movement of money, unprecedented service, and operational success.



Improved working capital, cash flow


Lower cost: A more economical way to pay quickly and digitally


Can be reversed



Better reach: available to all DDAs, for nearly all commercial and credits / debits


More predictable for the recipient = better


Bank for Receiving and Originating Payments

Turnkey and flexible ACH
payments implementation


Enables organizations to debit and credit accounts using checking and routing numbers


Affordable flexible multiple window processing with available Same-Day Services


Ability to support third-party service providers as well as third-party senders


Leverage Meta’s expertise to design, implement, and manage complex payment systems with ease

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We are flexible problem solvers, open to new ideas. We like to find ways to say “yes”, so your vision comes to life.


We understand that when you put the right people and resources together problems are solved, opportunities become realities, and companies succeed.


Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your customers are in compliance, secure, and protected with our refined processes.

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