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Who, how and why consumers are migrating to digital accounts

The digital migration ebook

U.S. Consumers are migrating more of their finances to digital accounts. 36% to 100% (depending on segment) of American consumers own multiple bank accounts. In fact, 100% of the hybrid segment surveyed, have four or more bank accounts. Meta Payments research in conjunction with Visa® dives into the drivers of account acquisition, usage habits, barriers to adoption and profiles the consumers who are adopting.

What’s inside?

Gain insight into how these consumers are navigating and adopting digital accounts and will obtain strategic recommendations on ways to attract even more users.


Consumer profiles on Digital purists, Hybrids, Challengers and Traditionalist


2020 consumer banking habits – what’s driving multiple account ownership?


Strategic insight on driving awareness, adoption, and how to find the sweet spot for digital account adopters.

The Meta Difference


We are flexible problem solvers, open to new ideas. We like to find ways to say “yes”, so your vision comes to life.


We understand that when you put the right people and resources together problems are solved, opportunities become realities, and companies succeed.


Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your customers are in compliance, secure, and protected with our refined processes.

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