Faster Payments Solutions

Enable best-in-class Faster Payments

In today’s market, consumers want to move their money fast, with more visibility and control of their own financial transactions. Stay on top of this trend, increase your market share, and stay competitive, with Mastercard Send and Visa Direct.

Companies that stay ahead of this trend will win and enjoy the benefits that come from leading the evolution.

Stay competitive and give consumers what they demand

People have more options – and less loyalty – than ever before. Win their confidence and their business with Faster Payments.

Increase Business Benefits

Grow your market share by creating a competitive advantage over slower payment providers while decreasing risk of fraud and lost payments.

Enjoy Streamlined Implementation

Backed by the leaders in the industry, Faster Payments leverage current processor and network relationships to speed up go-to-market, are interoperable with other payment networks, and provide more security and fraud protections.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Making customers happy leads to repeat business, positive PR, and increased brand awareness to move your business forward.

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