ATM Sponsorship Solutions

Full-service Sponsorship

A proven industry leader in ATM sponsorship, we’ve built dynamic relationships with networks, processors, and vendors to bring new concepts and products to market. By offering a unique combination of relationships and resources, we help ATM clients meet their goals in an evolving market.

We built our relationship network through extensive work in payments in both acquiring and issuing. Our ATM sponsorship gives our partners more options – and more leverage.

Access to the national and regional debit networks
Opportunities for ATM ISOs to work with most processors in the business
Opportunities to work with processors who best meet their business needs
Relationships with ATM manufacturers
Experience-based and forward-focused compliance expertise
Superior training and customer service expertise
Service is our mission. Meta’s knowledgeable ATM team works closely with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your business is operating at peak performance every day.

Supplemental ATM Solutions

An ATM solution backed by a team of experts and a company that knows the business paves the road to success.

Dynamic changes in the market demand alignment with partners with their eyes on the future. Meta provides a combination of relationships and resources aimed at helping ATM clients succeed today and tomorrow. Meta is committed to working with our ISO partners to provide a full-service solution for ATMs. With the addition of our Settlement Account we can support you throughout the entire cycle.

Since we know your business, you don’t have to worry about holding your funds at an institution unaccustomed to the needs of an ISO. An exclusive benefit to our ISOs, Meta built our Settlement Account to cater to your requirements of large cash orders to support your terminals. Unlike other accounts, you won’t be concerned about accessibility of funds or finding additional banking options.

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The Meta Difference


We are flexible problem solvers, open to new ideas. We like to find ways to say “yes”, so your vision comes to life.


We understand that when you put the right people and resources together problems are solved, opportunities become realities, and companies succeed.


Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your customers are in compliance, secure, and protected with our refined processes.

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