Prepaid Sponsorship

Prepaid Sponsorship


We’ve implemented more than 2,500 individual prepaid programs of every size, shape and color. We have the know-how to create, implement and support – together. And top to bottom, we dedicate more resources over the life of your program to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your business successfully.

We’ve grown up with the industry and understand it better than anyone. No learning curve on our end means proven results on yours.

It starts at the top. Our executive team cut their teeth among prominent payment companies including four top positions at other prepaid organizations and two founding members of the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association. That gives us the knowledge and understanding to create successful products as well as the industry expertise to make your prepaid program a success.


We’re a leading issuer of prepaid reloadable cards because prepaid is our core business. Both Visa and MasterCard list us among their top debit card issuers because we’re more than an issuing bank. We also work as a trusted advisor on compliance matters and as a partner advocate with the processors and payment networks. You’ll even find us speaking at industry events on a regular basis.

Serving You

Our team is your team. An experienced senior business executive and relationship manager will work with you from concept through implementation. We provide ongoing support to ensure your program has the compliance, fraud, and legal support to be fully compliant over the entire business lifecycle.

We look out for our partners and want to make sure you have the funding, experience and compliance know-how before we get going. If it’s not a good fit, we’ll be honest and help you find an alternative way to meet your goals.