MetaBank® announces partnership with hyperWALLET Systems Inc.

MetaBank’s payment solutions division Meta Payment Systems® recently signed an agreement to partner with hyperWALLET®, a Vancouver-based company that provides domestic and international mass payment solutions for corporations. The Sioux Falls-based financial company will become hyperWALLET’s second issuing bank in the United States, issuing corporate payment cards and facilitating ACH payments for their business clients.

hyperWALLET’s ambitions make this partnership with MetaBank an ideal match, according to hyperWALLET CEO Lisa Shields. “We were looking for an issuing partner that was able to meet our needs and who understands the regulatory landscape in the United States, and MetaBank was just that partner,” she said. “We strive to continually broaden the breadth of payment delivery options we offer to our customers, and MetaBank will help us achieve this goal.”

According to MetaBank President Brad Hanson, MetaBank is eager to meet the needs and opportunities that hyperWALLET provides. “This partnership makes sense on so many levels. With our infrastructure in place and strong focus on compliance, we are able to provide a scalable solution to our partners,” he said. “hyperWALLET and MetaBank are both dedicated to providing service that is timely and cost-effective for all parties.”

About hyperWALLET®
hyperWALLET delivers secure, global-grade payment technologies to organizations who require a simplified way to access or leverage the global financial network. Since 2000, we have become a leading provider of online and mobile payment, international payments, card products and financial technology solutions to world-class customers in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. With hundreds of customers (including more than 200 credit unions) that touch millions of users, our clients span numerous sectors including financial services, business and government. For more information, visit


MetaBank® announces partnership with Card Limited

MetaBank’s payment solutions division Meta Payment Systems recently signed an agreement to partner with Card Limited, a company based out of Utah that provides financial products and services for unbanked and underbanked consumers. MetaBank will be the issuer of Card Limited’s general purpose reloadable (GPR) cards, which are distributed through the company’s online and affiliate channels.

Card Limited President Christopher Scanlon hopes that the partnership with MetaBank will continue his company’s goals of driving ongoing value to its consumers and clients alike. “The work that MetaBank does is work that we can get behind,” he said. “We’re two companies with similar visions and goals, so it’s a fitting match.”

MetaBank has a history of utilizing Card Limited’s services in the past, so expanding the issuing relationship is a welcome addition, according to MetaBank President Brad Hanson. “We’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with Card Limited and we look forward to taking that partnership to the next level,” he said. “Our values and our desire to provide financial inclusion for everyone align very well in the work we plan to continue to do together.”

About Card Limited
Card Limited (CLC) offers services to a network of consumers that use prepaid debit cards and do not have, do not wish to have or are unable to open a traditional bank account or use traditional financial services. In the United States, there are 60 million unbanked and underbanked consumers who are currently not being fully served by the traditional banking system. CLC seeks to provide an innovative alternative for these users and create an interactive network of consumers.


MetaBank® announces agreement with UniRush, LLC to issue the Prepaid RushCard

Meta Payment Systems, a division of MetaBank, and a leading issuer of prepaid cards, has entered into a multi-year agreement with UniRush, LLC, to issue the Prepaid RushCard. RushCard represents another way for MetaBank to achieve its vision of promoting financial inclusion for everyone while assisting UniRush in executing on its mission of empowering members by providing access to services that enable them to achieve their personal and financial goals.

RushCard has significant growth plans for the future, and its relationship with MetaBank will lend itself to those plans, according to UniRush CEO Rick Savard. “After a careful review of potential issuers, we selected MetaBank based on its extensive prepaid experience, solid business model and overall infrastructure in place to offer RushCard an issuing partnership that will enable us to grow and expand our business,” he said.

MetaBank President Brad Hanson looks forward to working with UniRush on developing future products and services. “It will be a pleasure working with the quality team at UniRush to offer more financial options to consumers,” he said. “Like Meta, UniRush has a long history of helping to improve the financial dignity of millions of people who don’t have or choose not to use the traditional financial products many of us take for granted.”

About UniRush, LLC
UniRush, LLC, which helped pioneer the prepaid debit card industry with the Prepaid RushCard, one of the first general purpose reloadable prepaid debit cards in the marketplace, provides members with access to services that enable them to achieve their personal and financial goals. UniRush offers Americans an array of basic financial services via the RushCard. To learn more about the RushCard, visit or find us at or on Twitter @RushCard.


Meta Payment Systems® honors high-performing clients with Spotlight Awards

Meta Payment Systems’ Agent Products group is pleased to honor its outstanding prepaid clients for the 2013 calendar year, recognizing exceptional gift card sales with its fifth annual Client Spotlight Awards.

“We’re so encouraged by the number of our financial institutions stepping up to meet the needs of customers in their marketplace,” Meta’s VP of Business Resources and Agent Products Nikkee Rhody said. “The landscape of money management needs is evolving every day. These prepaid programs have given our partners and consumers a low-cost, risk-adverse way to manage unique customer needs. Congratulations to the winners and all of our more than 1,000 partners for recognizing the needs of their customers and promoting financial inclusion.”

This year's recipients included:

  • "Best Performance by a Client with 1-9 Locations" (Most Cards Issued) – Family Trust Federal Credit Union, Rock Hill, S.C.
  • "Best Performance by a Client with 10-49 Locations" (Most Cards Issued) –TDECU, Lake Jackson, Texas – Five-time winner!
  • "Best Performance by a Client with 50+ Locations" (Most Cards Issued) – Associated Bank, N.A., Stevens Point, Wis. – Five-time winner!
  • "Best Picture" – Highest Percentage Growth Card Sales Year-Over-Year, ‘12-‘13: State Bank of Countryside, Countryside, Ill. – 1,136% growth!
  • "Best Large Order Effects" – Highest Volume of Large Order Card Sales: Associated Bank, N.A. – More than 13,200 Large Order cards sold!
  • "Best Supporting Client" – Highest Level of Engagement: American Bank of the North, Hibbing, Minn.
  • "Most Unique Picture" – Most Innovative Use of Product: Warren-Boynton State Bank, Springfield, Ill.

TDECU credited a great working relationship with Meta with bolstering its success this past year. “Now with seven years of partnership between TDECU and Meta, we know that the support, products, marketing and continuing development of new and useful features are unmatched,” TDECU’s AVP of Payment Systems/LOC Vickey Livingston said.

State Bank of Countryside saw an increase in foot traffic thanks to the No Purchase Fee (NPF) promotion, in which participants offered Gift Cards for no purchase fee for a two-month period. “The NPF program was great for us!” State Bank of Countryside marketing assistant Erica McKee said. “We had hundreds of non-customers walk through our doors. We’re currently considering dropping the card fees considerably or making them free altogether. The opportunities and benefits of non-customer foot traffic outweigh the minimal income we would’ve made. It’s well worth losing the fee income when we have a chance to present ourselves to non-customers.”

Warren-Boynton State Bank has carried Gift Cards for five years and garnered this year’s “Most Unique Picture” due to its work with the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies. The group works with the state’s Department of Health to assist individuals with serious mental illness diagnoses in transitioning from supported services by providing Gift Card-loaded funds for security deposits, utilities and everyday expenses.

“This is a large program, but with Meta Payment Systems’ assistance, it has run very smoothly,” Warren-Boynton State Bank rep Lois Stone said. “On behalf of our client, we have made special requests of Meta and have always received timely and satisfactory results.”

Each winner will receive an engraved award reading “2013 Meta Spotlight Awards,” along with the category name, description and financial institution name.