Meta is among first to commit to CSFI Compass Principles

On June 14, the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) announced, "Three Companies Publicly Commit to Improving Consumers’ Lives through Financial Offerings". The announcement was made from the CFSI Underbanked Forum in San Francisco. Meta Payment Systems was named by Jennifer Tescher, CFSI’s President and CEO, as publically committing to, "specific, measurable, high-impact initiatives that embody these Principles."

The Compass Principles are aspirational guidelines that define high standards for prepaid products and inspire change. The four core principles (Embrace Inclusion, Build Trust, Promote Success and Create Opportunity) are a perfect extension of Meta’s core values and mission to promote financial inclusion for everyone. Mick Conlin, Senior Vice President of Product Management and John Hagy, Chief Legal Officer, both from Meta, participated on CFSI’s Compass Principles for Prepaid Advisory Council, which guided the creation of the Compass Principles.

In order to create industry-leading products that are consumer centric, Meta has been working to incorporate the Compass Principles into prepaid program policies and guidelines. In addition, Meta has committed to support CFSI’s goal to measure industry impact.

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