Meta is Innovation

The relentless pursuit.

In what is still a relatively new industry, we see an opportunity to differentiate. For example, we’ve generated more than 25 patent applications specifically related to payments and have been recognized by the prepaid industry in doing so. The way we see it, innovation is what lets us create a system that supports your unique value proposition. All so you can bring your ideas to market. Faster.

Security so reliable you’ll take it for granted.

We are constantly upgrading and protecting against threats. Our commitment to consumer data safety sets the standard and our security certifications are a rarity among issuers. We have one of the most reliable EFT and ACH networks in the industry and move over a billion dollars a month seamlessly. Even during high traffic times like holidays, we use only a fraction of our network capacity.

Welcome to the family.

Partner with us and you partner with a family. We work with fulfillment facilities, processors and other technology providers that share the same values and same level of commitment to innovation. That gives you the best solution possible through extended capabilities.