Meta is Excellence

It doesn’t happen by accident.

We are a leading issuer of prepaid cards because prepaid is our core business. Both Visa and MasterCard list us among their top debit card issuers because we’re more than an issuing bank. We also work as a trusted advisor on compliance matters and as a partner advocate with the processors and payment networks. We speak at industry events on a regular basis and aim to cultivate the future of the payments environment.

The partner of choice.

We’re committed to new and better products to improve the lives of underserved consumers while delivering unique value to our partners. We’re an industry-leading prepaid issuer of over 2,500 programs and 200 million cards, with over 60 million cards issued in just the past 12 months. Plus we’re a premier issuer of reloadable cards and a leading ATM sponsor bank.

Size matters.

Our partner list is home to several Fortune 500 companies and national consumer brands. In partnership, we provide prepaid solutions to the nation’s largest retailers, the nation’s leading payment transaction processor, the largest and most successful national payments network, and leading gift and reward card companies. But it’s not all about big – we aim to serve experience best-in-class partners with our same commitment to quality.

Meta is Excellence