Meta is Confidence

When the regulatory landscape changes, so do we.

Staying ahead of policy changes. Meeting with lawmakers to help shape industry guidelines. Chairing committees with the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association. Those are just a few of the ways we deliver expertise to guide you through changing regulations as well as the commitment to see it through. With us at your side, you’ll always be in full compliance.

We give clarity to oversight.

Our team is your team. A senior business executive and experienced relationship manager will work with you from concept through implementation. We’ll then provide ongoing support to ensure your program has the compliance, fraud prevention tools, and legal support to be fully compliant over its entire lifecycle.

Security is our middle name.

Our commitment to security sets the standard. SAS70 certification and full PCI DSS certification are just the beginning. We protect your data. Period. So will you. Uncompromising commitment to cardholder data security is essential to our business and yours.

Meta is Confidence