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MetaBank® announces partnership as additional issuer of Univision MasterCard® Prepaid Card - 4/15/2015

MetaBank®, through its Meta Payment Systems® (MPS) division, recently entered into a multi-year agreement with Univision Communications Inc.®, the l...

MetaBank® announces partnership with Berkeley Payment Solutions - 3/10/2015

MetaBank’s payment solutions division Meta Payment Systems® recently signed an agreement to partner with Berkeley Payment Solutions, a Toronto-based company that provides domestic ...

John Hagy recognized among ‘Top 10 Payments Lawyers’ by Paybefore - 3/3/2015

John Hagy, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of MetaBank, was recognized among the “Top 10 Payments Lawyers” in the industry by Paybefore at the 2015 All Payments Expo (APEX...

MetaBank® announces partnership with Store Financial - 3/2/2015

MetaBank's payment solutions division, Meta Payment Systems®, has recently signed an agreement to partner with Store Financial, a Kansas-based company that provides electronic-...


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